Author’s Preface: To the ignorant the body is supreme, for they are incapable of realizing the Power of Immortality and Life that is within them.  Identifying only with the body, which is strictly a vehicle of their true Self and subject to death, they fear death; but at the same time, they support it by trying unsuccessfully to elongate the body’s time by any artificial means – sometimes quite barbaric as in the case of self-mutilation out of fear. All because they worship matter, and do not Know their Essential Nature;  whereas that specific consciousness is the cause and reality of their illness and their death.

“The union of The Word and The Mind produces that mystery which is called Life.  As the darkness without you is divided against itself, so the darkness within you is likewise divided.  The Light and the fire which rise are the Divine Man, ascending in the path of The Word.  That which fails to ascend is the mortal man, which may not partake of immortality.  Learn deeply of the Mind and Its Mystery, for therein lies the secret of Immortality.”  Ysatis De Saint-Simone

May, 2013

Dear Internet Searcher:

My name is Ysatis De Saint-Simone and you can reach me on my website: ysatisdesaintsimone.wordpress.com.

Today, I heard very distressful news about a personality whose wonderful body was mutilated as a ‘preventive measure’ to cancer. This is terrible news which has prompted me to write this article in terror; these procedures should not continue out of medical and public ignorance. This may be the most important information that you will ever receive. Please read every single word carefully.

Thanks God, the 21st Century has brought the most astounding breakthroughs to science. About twenty years ago a Senior Research Scientist from a major medical firm formed an independent association with other top scientists and researchers from around the world to pursue radical anti-aging approaches. By mapping the human genome, to stem cell tissue re-growth, to genetically customized medicines they came to a special discovery. This is incredible news for me and for you: after decades, they hit the jackpot! They have scientifically uncovered the on/off switch to human aging I had been using for years without modern science’s backing.

What they are saying, without getting too technical, is that Genetic Determinism is out! Therefore most everything, if not everything, even the aging process built genetically into us by evolution or inheritance can actually be turned up or down, on or off through learning the proper techniques to do so. This breakthrough is completely counter-intuitive to most human maladies, including the expected processes of aging.

I cannot bring better news to you than this:

In the past few years, medical, genetic and biologic science have all converged into one of the most exciting areas in health today. To know how THE MIND works and how it affects our physical, mental and emotional bodies (and to use it mindfully) is the Medicine of the Future! In other words, the Science of the Mind, and how can it communicate with every single cell of our body, is here to stay and to grow with. One of the most important of these recent discoveries – which are as ancient as the Hermetic sciences practiced in early Egypt – is that EVERY CELL HAS AN INTERNAL REPAIR MECHANISM. These internal repair mechanisms can be turned on or off, up or down depending upon our mental attitudes, environment, information received and accepted, stress levels and certain physical and mental exercises.

The exercises on my Natural Rejuvenation DVD, which prompt your brain to activate every single cell’s internal repair mechanism, are based on this knowledge, and thus stimulate your body to naturally heal and regenerate. These exercises have also been authenticated and are being endorsed as the best healing method by the latest biotech research. I started to use this method of healing way before these recent, exciting scientific findings. It is based on Hermetic science, which used the ancient principle of Mentalism, The All is Mind, for healing.

The subliminal conditioning imbedded behind the sounds on the Natural Rejuvenation DVD directs your mind to signal every cell in your body to renew itself to its perfect health and optimal condition, and to immediately begin its internal damage repair. In addition to preventing and alleviating disease, when your mind signals your cells to increase their repair of internal damage, this simultaneously slows down the rate at which those cells age and in some cases even reverses effects of aging! Following the directions on the DVD is so simple a child can do it; there is no way to ‘do it wrong.’ If you can breath and hear, you will do it effectively.

“Something so simple – it can’t be!”, some Newtonian thinkers will say, yet your Mind and this amazing exercise have the incredible ability to restore your vitality, enhance your health, prevent almost all disease, and even change the negative information in your genes, thus reversing the malignant effects written in them, including aging. All you have to do is to enjoy watching the visuals and breathe in unison with the DVD!

This exercise will help you undo decades of damage to your body from poor diet, stress, lack of exercise, junk food ingestion, alcohol, drugs and smoking. You will look and feel younger and healthier in as little as one viewing, but in 21 days the effects will be very visible to most anyone you know. Not only will you be helping your body to fight germs and toxins, you will boost your immune system, improve your circulation to feel more alive and alert than ever. No more constant exhaustion. You will get sick less often. You friends will notice and ask, “What in the world are you doing? You are not stressed anymore and you are looking good!” Please tell them, because to do good to others is part of feeling good yourself. Here I speak of something important which Dr. Emoto found in his experiments with water: Love and Gratitude restored the water crystals of the most polluted water of Japan’s sewers to its original purity! So be grateful and give to others the information that helped you heal!

According to the latest breakthrough in biotech science research this simple exercise can dramatically enhance your cell-rejuvenation and health, helping to prevent and even alleviate almost every disease that can afflict the human body – including heart disease, cancer, IBS, vision problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, memory loss, weight gain, Alzheimer’s, low bone density, erectile dysfunction, risk of stroke, allergies, hypertension, pain relief, chronic fatigue, inflammation, migraines, skin problems, wrinkles, insomnia, bad digestion, breathing problems as well as hundreds more common and serious ailments. This simple exercise can do all of that plus also slow down aging and can even reverse the effects of aging! You can do the entire 45 minutes of the DVD, or the time you choose. Depending on your time limits, you will profit from doing it even if you do as little as 7 minutes.

The fact that your Mind can identify perfectly what is wrong with your body and what needs to be corrected is extremely important – because no one but your own Mind knows where the problem lies and it is your Mind who is the best diagnostician in the world for yourself. You just need the correct techniques. That is all. Know that your Mind can identify, turn off, even reverse the aging process within your body, completely naturally without any harmful drugs or radical and even barbaric medical procedures with toxic side effects and unintended bad consequences, but instead through a set of focused mental and physical exercise techniques that don’t take much of your time. You can perform miracles in your physical, mental and emotional bodies.

The healing of the Mind is such a major breakthrough for all human beings, that I’m on a mission to get this information out to as many people as possible. Do it yourself and you will want to help others also. You will also be on a mission to let others know of what help you to have health and well-being.

Publicity campaigns are expensive, but if you are conscious of the well being of others, you will help me to spread the news and make yourself and others healthy just by sharing the truth of your own experience. What I am saying to you is that this amazing Youth Stimulating Technique could let you decide how well and how long you’ll live! And I am not just giving you a theory; these are scientific facts.

Imagine that you can avoid all of the chronic diseases normally associated with aging, such as:

1) High blood pressure

2) High cholesterol, Inflammation, Overweight, Obesity

3) Arthritis, Cardiovascular disease

4) Diabetes

5) Heart disease

6) Heart attacks, strokes

7) Cancer

8) Low bone density

9) Memory loss

10) Digestion problems

11) Skin problems

12) Poor sleep

13) Vision problems

14) Chronic fatigue

15) Breathing problems

16) Depression

Plus, you can live in a perfect youthful body most of your long life.

– No more wrinkles

– Never being overweight

– Never catching a cold

– No hair loss

– No more pain

– And looking and feeling great!

Imagine never worrying about illnesses. Imagine the possibilities of never getting sick again. No more toothaches, colds, flu or headaches. For the first time in history, you may be able to do so and dodge illnesses, physical degeneration and the genetically written fate of aging. It is a fact that as we age our hormone levels decrease. This causes weakened resistance to disease, bone lose, muscle de-toning, wrinkled skin and many of the other unpleasant symptoms of aging. But, this simple exercise that takes less than 7 minutes actually NATURALLY stimulates your brain and your body to increase the production of a variety of life-enhancing youth rejuvenating hormones, including human growth hormone, a natural and powerful age-reversing hormone.

In addition, this DVD stimulates your Immune System. It has been proven by people who employed this exercise daily for 21 days that they significantly increased levels of infection-fighting white blood cells and T cells. In fact this simple exercise has been used effectively to combat a number of ailments. This special exercise also promotes the growth of new blood vessels which help supply ample oxygen and other nutrients throughout your entire body.

This exercise, if practiced daily, will increase your vascularization – creating tiny new vein-like pathways that did not previously exist to allow your blood to deliver increased levels of oxygen to every cell, including all the cells within your heart muscle. This simple technique also helps avoid, and in some cases may even help to break down and wash out, plague buildup. This helps cut your risk of heart attack in half and will decrease your risk of death from any form of cardiovascular disease. In short, no matter what you suffer from, you can use this amazing youth-stimulating technique to help avoid and alleviate almost any disease or ailment in the human body – from heart disease to cancer to autoimmune disease such as MS, Lupus, AIDS, etc. It can also help cleanse the liver, kidneys and blood from toxins, promote recovery from ulcers and other stomach discomforts, assist in the repair of damaged joints, and firm and rejuvenate tissues, muscles and skin.

This simple, yet powerful technique has been shown to improve your metabolic system, speed up your metabolism, improve perceptual and cognitive abilities, concentration, memory and intelligence, and spark creativity. It also improves sexual stimulation, enhances athletic ability, helps overcome addictions, helps to restore and rejuvenate damaged or worn-out cells, strengthens muscle tone, enhances collagen in your tissues and skin, rejuvenating their elasticity. In sum, the technique practiced through using the Natural Rejuvenation DVD, repairs and removes damages cells, while creating new, healthy, strong cells.

The bottom line is that these simple, mental and natural exercise techniques will give you a tremendous amount of control over your health, over prevention and healing, and over the aging process itself! Experiments have been done on groups of individuals practicing this natural, simple exercise over long periods of time and show a general decrease in diseases and illness and a definite increase in well-being. Those practicing this simple exercise technique consistently showed a marked improvement in health and a measurably lower death rate than even those groups that received medications designed to activate their endocrine system and enhance their health and longevity.

What is most important is to realize that this is not a Pollyanna song, but a serious breakthrough in scientific research. One of the reasons this simple exercise is so powerful is because it actually causes both your body and your Mind to stimulate your endocrine system and simultaneously your Immune System. This increases the production of infection-fighting white blood cells and T cells, as well as also increasing your production of youth-rejuvenating hormones by turning up your internal repair mechanisms at the cellular level.

Whatever you goal is, whether it be prevention, helping to alleviate an ailment or enhance your performance by slowing down and possibly even reversing the aging process, if you do this exercise consistently you can only expect success. Why? Because aging can now be called a disease, and it is treatable. The very fact that you can identify, turn off and reverse the aging process within the body naturally without harmful ‘miracle drugs’ or radical medical procedures – but can instead achieve these results through your own Mind – is a real major health breakthrough.

All you have to do to erase up to 25 years of aging effects on your body is to watch the Natural Rejuvenation DVD consistently. Know that it can literally change your life. This is not a PR campaign for my DVD. It is valuable information offered to you that may open the doors of Natural Healing. It is your chance to start this powerful, natural anti-aging program and restore your cells and organs naturally, to their optimal condition.

In Truth and for the Health of All,

Ysatis De Saint-Simone



Critical Information Update: Natural News exposes corporate patents on human genes, Angelina Jolie, monopoly medicine (Taken from http://www.naturalnews.com)

Today we expose the trillion-dollar industry of corporate patents on human genesthat Angelina Jolie is supporting with her double mastectomy PR campaign.

Our exclusive investigative story reveals the lawsuits, the patents, the domineering corporations and their intention to enslave all women by owning their genetic code in the same way that Monsanto owns patents on food crops. Here’s the story you won’t read in the New York Times:


Also today: We are publicly challenging Angelina Jolie to denounce corporate patents on human genes:


**Excerpt from Online Article found at TruthSeeker.co.uk:** “Nowhere in this article does ABC News mention ways to suppress the BRCA1 gene by, for example, eating raw cruciferous vegetables containing Indole-3-Carbinol (I3C), a potent anti-cancer nutrient that halts breast cancer in its tracks. Nowhere does ABC News mention vitamin D which prevents nearly 4 out of 5 cancers of all types, including breast cancer.” (Source: http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=71345)


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