The Cross: Symbol of Jesus’ Victory Over Death

And Jesus said: ‘The problem of the Ages has been solved, a son of man has risen from the dead, has shown that human flesh can be transmuted into flesh Divine. And what I have done all men can do.’ Key Message of the Crucified Jesus the Christ to all men.

One of the most, if not the MOST distressful statement made in the history of humanity is the statement below, given by the recently elected Pope Francis of the Novus Ordo Church.



“And if at times our efforts and works seem to fail and produce no fruit, we need to remember that we are followers of Jesus… and His life – humanly speaking – ended in failure, the failure of the Cross.”

Is this Pope trying so hard to make ‘people feel good about themselves’ that he dares to demean the Sacrifice of the Golgotha and speak of Jesus as the most ‘base Ignoramus’ would? Does he realize that his humanistic, liberating theological efforts are very harmful to many souls and are blatantly disrespecting not only the One Divine Being he should serve, but also the office which he holds? An office that he is indeed constantly misrepresenting with actions that seem geared to create a superficial humanistic paradise, a world where false trying efforts based on communist principles are imposed on all by blind authorities serving the OWP ends of Lucifer to govern the world and enslave humanity.

Lucifer, whose glories were sung publicly at the Vatican during the event in which Pope Francis beatified John Paul II! Are the people so brain dormant that they were singing the glories of the Adversary of the Christ and they didn’t even know it? Or is it that they all have become Satanic? Pope Francis’ statement blatantly disregards the most Powerful and Essential Teachings of His Master, Jesus the Christ, His Willed Sacrifice on the Cross and His Resurrection. Has he ever known what the Power of Love and the Christ Jesus are all about? Has he forgotten that the Life of Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ DIDN’T END at the Cross? Has he forgotten what the appalled young, black reporter who I saw giving this news knew with no effort? He KNEW as most of us do, that no one imprisoned or killed Jesus the Christ because He failed to be strong, or because He was too weak to face and vanquish His enemies. This young man knew that Jesus the Christ laid down His Life WILLINGLY for us, as most of us do. It’s elementary dear Watson, its elementary.

I want you to know Pope Francis, that what most of us see when we look at Jesus on the Cross is not ‘a failure’ in the human sense, or in any other sense, but that we see a Victor over our worst enemies, the EGO-SELF and DEATH. And that we bow in awe in front of Him when we see Him on the Cross. No, we are not looking at a ‘failure’ when we look at the Cross. It is literally impossible for us to do so, for we are looking at Love Itself, the Super-Hero of all Ages conquer Death through Love. That’s what we see. It is sad and embarrassing to see that a young reporter or I have to teach a basic Theological Principle of Christendom to this man, so called ‘Pope’, who seems to be more of an ‘anti-Pope’ than the three others who preceded him.

These words I direct to you Pope Francis: From now on to the rest of your life, when you look at the Cross – NOT AT THE HORRIBLE MELTED SATANIC CROSS SYMBOL THAT YOU ‘NO Popes’ CARRY AROUND – but at just a Cross with Jesus on It, you will feel the urge to put your forehead on the floor and bow in front of Him; and before you open your mouth to mention the name of Jesus – His pronounceable NAME that is – because I am sure that you don’t know His Unnamable Name, the Word of Life – for if His Word would be alive in you, you would not be talking as you do, or singing glories to Lucifer. So, for the good of your soul, next time before you speak the name of Jesus humble yourself IN FRONT OF THE CRUCIFIX in order to protect yourself from the ignorance that permits you to commit blasphemy maybe without even realizing that you are doing so, thus lacking reverence and respect for the most sublime sight that anyone, including you, have seen on earth: THAT OF THE CHRIST JESUS CRUCIFIED ON THE CROSS.

Now BY HIS GRACE and the spiritual Power of this affirmation to protect all followers of Jesus from being mislead by the blind ignorance of those who should lead them to Life and neither go to the Light, nor let others go to It, I put a mandate on you, and that is: From now on and throughout your life, every time that you or anyone who reads this letter looks at a Crucifix you all will Bow you head in Reverence in front of LOVE, YOUR TRUE AND ETERNAL MASTER, THE VICTOR AND CONQUEROR OF SELF AND DEATH. Amen.

Dame Ysatis De Saint Simone S.O.S.J.

I am the Alpha and the Omega.

I am the Alpha and the Omega.




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